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The Chicagoland Blue Star Mothers are Searchable!

It’s no secret that I was about to get involved in something new. I love the work and the opportunities I have had with SLS and I will continue to do what I can when I can. I am grateful … Continue reading

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Oh my! ¬†How time flies!

I’m beyond ready for an update! How about you? In March when Katie passed away, I kinda lost interest in a lot of things. I was sad and frustrated and overwhelmed. Then, almost immediately thereafter, I had my hands full … Continue reading

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My Holiday Gift Idea Cheat Sheet

This week I noticed a lot of my friends looking for holiday gift ideas. We are thankfully surrounded by extremely creative people. For my reference and your’s, I thought I would share some of my favorites. Have you tried this … Continue reading

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Tuesday; Blues Day?

Meh. That’s how I’m feeling tonight. Meh and tired. I’m guessing this is not how the world’s best blog entries begin, but whatever. So last weekend turned out to be great! To celebrate my dad, we went to his house … Continue reading

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

The Chicagoland weather leaves something to be desired. I’ll be honest – it really isn’t the reason that people move here. I think that they come for the food, but that’s another story. After lying awake for waaay too long … Continue reading

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