Earlier today, our VP came into the office and asked us to recommit to our careers for 2016. I stood there thinking about how important that word can be: Recommit. I don’t hear it used often, but when someone pulls it out, they mean business. 

Thankfully, I already had started the recommit process in all aspects of my life, so I had no trouble swallowing what she was asking of each of us. There’s always room for improvement and that includes in my work life. 

So I’ve recommitted to doing my job more effectively and efficiently. I’ve recommitted to mom-ing my Marine less and listening more. I’ve recommitted to being a good friend to anyone who seems to need one. I’ve recommitted to working on my own health and fitness. With lots of people around me doing the same thing, this one is definitely doable. I’ve recommitted to spending more quality time with my husband. Tonight, I didn’t pick up the phone once to check Facebook or look at anything else while we were eating together. This may not sound like much, but my phone may as well be glued to my hand for as much as I use it. This was a huge accomplishment. 

I’ve recommitted to me. I need to keep me as a high priority in my life, so I can be at my very best. Sounds like a good plan to me. 

About jenni41013

I am a 38 year old wife, mom, sister, auntie, daughter, friend and advocate living in the burbs. In 2012 when I started writing, I was on a journey to take a more healthy approach toward my lifestyle. In 2013, I re-evaluated a lot of things and I say "no" to people, things and commitments more often without guilt. In 2014, I got serious about doing what I want to do and really living life. By 2016, I was so much happier living a life I️ loved. And now in 2017, I’m recommitting to a healthier me while still enjoying all life has to offer. I am excited about my life and where I'm headed with the most amazing people all around me!
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