Kim P.

I spent a lot of today thinking about my mortality. I honestly can’t remember the last time that sort of thing even crossed my mind before today. I try to live my life in such a way that if tomorrow doesn’t come for me on this earth that it will be okay because I will have continuously left my mark on the people who matter. That I will be thought of fondly, missed and mourned for a bit because I made someone else’s life a little better.

This morning I was doing my normal thing just “killing time” on Facebook when I scrolled upon a picture of some girls I knew back in grade school. We were in Brownies/Girl Scouts together for years and I’ve only stayed in touch with a couple of them at arm’s length really on Facebook. I didn’t think too much of the picture and kept scrolling. A short while later, another girl from our troop posted a different picture. This one was more current and complete with the most heartfelt “eulogy” to our childhood friend, Kim (Platson) Grzynkowicz.

Kim was in the hospital with an infection and scheduled to come home yesterday. Sadly, Kim passed away suddenly last night most likely due to an undetected blood clot. She was thirty five years old. A married mom to three children. It looks like she still lived within about thirty minutes of our childhood romping grounds. And she remained close friends with Abby. Abby said her kids referred to her as Aunt Kim. 🙂 After a few searches, it doesn’t look like Kim was active on Facebook. I did come across her brother, Tim, who looks exactly the same twenty five years later and her mom, Nancy. But not Kim. Which made me think…who else have I crossed paths with in my life, but haven’t bothered to stay connected to because they aren’t on Facebook?

This made me sad. I loved “The Kim’s”! Kim P. & Kim B. And I didn’t stay in touch with either. What’s wrong with me? Well, I can’t be positive, but after a little thought I’ve realized there are a ton of people who meant a lot to me at one time or another who I no longer communicate with on a regular basis or even at all in some cases. And I don’t think I’m alone.

So I reached out to one of my oldest and dearest friends, Kristin. I let her know about Kim – we were all in Scouts together. Over the years I’ve tried to stay in touch with Kristin, but lives change. People grow. Life keeps on keeping on. And sometimes all we have to talk about are the good ol’ days. Although, I’ll truly love this woman like a sister until the day I die, I have resolved myself to the fact that we are on different paths and that’s okay to just catch up via Facebook Message with random niceties from time to time. It’s not ideal, but it is better than nothing.

Then, I called my dad. He knew the Platson’s pretty well from back in the day and he spent many an evening chatting with Mr. & Mrs. P. while waiting for us girls to stop giggling and to head home after an afternoon of fun. He was shocked and sad. We talked about how sad we are for Kim’s husband and her beautiful children who will now have to learn to live a life without their wife & mom. We talked about how blessed we are and how much we take for granted. We talked about ways not to take things for granted.

I’ve determined I will use the 20-25 minutes I have alone five days a week in the car between my office and my husband’s after work to make phone calls. I have 387 contacts – most with phone numbers – saved in my phone. If I’ve got the number, I’m calling. Maybe I won’t do it every single day, but I’m going to make an effort. By this time next year, I hope I will have called everyone I know (and have a number for) at least once. Just to say hi. To catch up. To make sure they know how fondly they’re thought of by me. Why keep the numbers if I’m not going to use them?

And I’m going to comment more. I know it’s back to Facebook, but I’m on there anyway and I love seeing my friend’s kids and my cousin’s craziness and my aunt’s random thoughts. So I will comment more instead of just “liking” their posts. I’ll be less of a lurker and more of an active participant. May as well make my mark if I’m hanging around anyhow.

And I’m planning to go to Kim’s wake on Sunday. I may just sit quietly in back for a bit, but I want to pay my respect to the woman who really made me stop today and reevaluate some important things in life. And to express my sympathy to her family and closest friends because that’s what I would want if I was in their shoes. To know how much my loved one mattered in the world.

Rest in peace Kim. May God be with you until we meet again.


About jenni41013

I am a 38 year old wife, mom, sister, auntie, daughter, friend and advocate living in the burbs. In 2012 when I started writing, I was on a journey to take a more healthy approach toward my lifestyle. In 2013, I re-evaluated a lot of things and I say "no" to people, things and commitments more often without guilt. In 2014, I got serious about doing what I want to do and really living life. By 2016, I was so much happier living a life I️ loved. And now in 2017, I’m recommitting to a healthier me while still enjoying all life has to offer. I am excited about my life and where I'm headed with the most amazing people all around me!
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8 Responses to Kim P.

  1. Larry says:

    I came across this trying to find out what happened to Kim. But I’ve gotta say your post hit home, I too am guilty of the same things. I love the idea of calling everyone in the contacts. V

  2. Amanda Marie says:

    I also came across your blog while searching to see what had happened to Kim P. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, it hit home for me and there are people I will be reaching out to talk to instead of just hitting “like”. Mortality hit home for me in March of this year. I was 3 months pregnant when my doctor called to tell me that test results for my baby came back indicating I had a growth in my body somewhere and needed to see an oncologist. I made an appointment right away and was turned away by the oncologist saying there was nothing wrong with me and the test had to be wrong, she literally only spent 5 minutes with me. The problem was the test that indicated I was sick did not say that on the results, it only said unreportable on the baby and the lab director verbally told my doctor what they saw of my cells. We continued to pursue this and at 5 months pregnant someone suggested to do MRI’s of my chest, pelvis and abdomen. A few days later I received a call that I had a tumor the size of an orange in my chest with my heart beating around it and it was pushing on my lungs. Two biopsies later it was confirmed I had cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma. My best prognosis was I had to start immediate chemo therapy at 6 months pregnant! I just completed 4 months of chemo on October 1st and on October 15th got the call I am now cancer free. (My baby was 7 weeks old yesterday and is doing great.) I will begin radiation in a few weeks for 3 weeks to kill any cancer cells that could be floating around and not showing up on a scan. Reason I share all of this is no one’s life is guaranteed. The drugs I was on for chemo combined with the radiation I am going to have increase my chances of getting lung cancer, heart disease and breast cancer and I will now be closely monitored for the rest of my life. I’m now on a quest to be the healthiest version of me I can be to do my part to prevent any future cancer but you just never know. (I was also in the best shape of my life when I got pregnant and shocked my body turned against me.) As my husband said, he can’t raise 3 little girls by himself, he needs me. I can not fathom what Kim’s children and husband are facing right now and my heart goes out to them. I only know this is another lesson for the rest of us to grab every day and LIVE it like it could be our last.


    Amanda (Topolovec) Sohn

  3. Abby says:

    I’ll admit it, I was googling Kim. Some way to get closer to my sweet friend, thinking about how if she’s still a blip on the Internet, there is still a part of her living on. Silly, I know, but when it’s silent in my house and she’s all I can think about it actually makes sense to me. In my google search, I stumbled upon your blog. Thank you for your thoughtful remarks. It sounds like her passing gave you a chance to reflect. I’ll see you at the wake…I’ll be looking for someone sitting quietly in the back.

    • jenni41013 says:

      Abby, you have shown in just a few days that she will always live on through your memories of her, the stories you tell, the pictures you share… One day, her children will be grateful for the things their Aunt Abby tells them about their mom that no one else could.

      I can’t imagine what I would do in your shoes. “I’m so so sorry for your loss” just doesn’t seem like enough. I’ll see you later today. ❤

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