I can’t believe it has been so long since I’ve blogged anything. Our first born (dog), Katie, has been consuming a vast majority of my free time.

Katie joined our family in July of 2007. We rescued her from Chicagoland Dog Rescue and she immediately made us a more complete unit. She did things like eat the garbage, her bed and even the coffee table during her first few weeks with us. Quickly though, she adapted to our laid back lifestyle.

Katie is a lovable, adorable dog who adds so much joy to our daily lives!

When she first came home to us, we signed her up for a wellness plan with the local chain animal hospital. We have been diligent about her regularly scheduled doctor visits. She had a bump on her left hind quarter which the doctor said was a skin cyst and to leave it alone. This cyst has changed over the years and we would point it out on every visit. Time and again…leave it alone, it is hundreds of dollars to run labs and even if we find something there is nothing we can do. Boy, were we naive for listening!

Fast forward to about a month ago. Katie wandered into the kitchen at 11pm on a Thursday evening. Her little bump/cyst was the size of a tennis ball protruding out of her body and it looked like it was going to burst! My husband and son took her to the doggie ER and at 1am, we learned that Katie had a mast cell tumor and has only about two weeks left with us. Devastated, we cried ourselves to sleep in a way that as a family we never have before.

On Friday, I called my parents to tell them what was going on. My mom works in a hospital and her friend, Kelly, asked if we would be interested in a second opinion. Um, yes please!

So off we went to Dr. Debra Rycoff. Dr. Rycoff runs a clinic in South Barrington, IL on a farm. She is not your run of the mill doc. She is inspirational! She takes a more natural approach and is truly an animal lover. Well, after some discussion, we decided to try neoplasene injections.

Long story (a little shorter), this seems to be working! The tumor has shrunk down significantly. The thing oozes like crazy which the doctor says is a good thing…sorry for the grossness! And Katie is back to acting like our happy dog again! She has had two injections and I am still babying her, but I truly believe she is on the mend.

So, this is why I have been away for so long, but I’m back and I will make an effort to bring things current around here.



About jenni41013

I am a 38 year old wife, mom, sister, auntie, daughter, friend and advocate living in the burbs. In 2012 when I started writing, I was on a journey to take a more healthy approach toward my lifestyle. In 2013, I re-evaluated a lot of things and I say "no" to people, things and commitments more often without guilt. In 2014, I got serious about doing what I want to do and really living life. By 2016, I was so much happier living a life I️ loved. And now in 2017, I’m recommitting to a healthier me while still enjoying all life has to offer. I am excited about my life and where I'm headed with the most amazing people all around me!
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