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Hot Yoga

So I tried hot yoga on Wednesday evening for the first time. Actually, it was my first any kind of yoga experience ever. I’ve decided that it’s a love-hate relationship. I love the heat! And sweating out the toxins! And … Continue reading

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Hot Yoga…have I lost my mind?

Hot yoga. What do you know about it? I know very little, but that won’t stop me. I’m on a mission to be healthier and to try new things this year. Julie has tried it a few times, but hasn’t … Continue reading

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What’s with these signs?

My BFF, Natalie, pointed this one out to me in Dominick’s today. I think the sign person needs to go back to shool.

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It really was a great day today! Started off by learning that I had the Review of the Day (ROTD) on Yelp. Apparently this was pretty funny. By the way, the story is 100% true! I had lunch at Happy … Continue reading

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Log your run?

I’ve been using the Log Your Run application on my iPhone to keep track of my mileage. It was working really well until about a week ago. The GPS signal keeps giving me trouble. I’m walking and it’s not logging. … Continue reading

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Catch Up Post – Part Four

Katie was able to spend the day at my office with her blankie of course while she was recuperating. She was so well behaved! This is part of the path where I’ve been taking my lunchtime walks. Three times around … Continue reading

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Catch Up Post – Part Three…Minnesota

Anthony and I took a long weekend to drive from Illinois to Minnesota to visit with his cousin, Michelle, and her fiancĂ©, Tim. Short story? They are awesome! And we had such a good time! Look! There they are!! We … Continue reading

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