TV Time!

We have gone about four months without television. When my husband was between jobs, we decided to cut back on some things for a while. It was a smart move…but, we missed a lot! Like the morning news, Grey’s Anatomy, my Food Network and Travel Channel shows and lots of other goodies.

Things are going well and we decided to turn the cable back on tonight.

Woo Hoo!!!

I used the music channels for my dance par-tay, we watched mindless Wipeout, I watched Grey’s, I’m watching Private Practice now and I am pretty sure that I will just stay up all night watching more garbage… That’s all for now. I’m missing Amelia and Sheldon’s heartfelt conversation. 🙂


About jenni41013

I am a 38 year old wife, mom, sister, auntie, daughter, friend and advocate living in the burbs. In 2012 when I started writing, I was on a journey to take a more healthy approach toward my lifestyle. In 2013, I re-evaluated a lot of things and I say "no" to people, things and commitments more often without guilt. In 2014, I got serious about doing what I want to do and really living life. By 2016, I was so much happier living a life I️ loved. And now in 2017, I’m recommitting to a healthier me while still enjoying all life has to offer. I am excited about my life and where I'm headed with the most amazing people all around me!
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