Oh, how plans change

Tonight’s stuffed shells with hot Italian sausage have been delayed for another night. Aw nuts!

My hubby had lunch from Jimmy John’s and proceeded to get extremely ill. A co-worker did as well, so they believe it’s safe to assume that something wasn’t quite right at JJ’s… Thus, the change in dinner plans. I am not going to make a brand spanking new dish if he won’t be eating it. Disappointed? Secretly totally okay with it? This means that I get to make an old standby that Anthony won’t eat and Michael loves! Tuna casserole!!! This dish kinds reminds me of my post about the holiday fruitcake. Everyone says how much they dislike it until they taste a good one. My mom made this for us weekly when I was a kid. It’s cheap, easy, can be changed up and it works well for a dinner during Lent I that’s your thing (just use cream of mushroom or celery soup instead of chicken). Here’s what I used:


I always have some form of these ingredients in the cabinet for nights like tonight. First, I boiled the pasta. You can use any kind that you like. I suggest undercooking the pasta just a bit. Even more than al dente. Kinda extra al dente.

While the pasta is cooking, open your can of cream of chicken soup and cans of tuna fish. Mom always used cream of mushroom, but I am not a fan, so I changed it up. Also, I think mom used one can of tuna. 1/8 of this meal is about 280 calories with two cans of tuna…I splurge and use two. Drain the tuna. It doesn’t need to be bone dry, but get rid of most of the water. When your pasta is ready, drain it well.


Put the pasta, tuna fish, one can of milk (fill the soup can), salt, black pepper (I use a lot of pepper) and onion or garlic powder (about a 1/2 teaspoon) back into the pot that you used to boil the noodles. Mix this together well. The onion or garlic powder is not required, but I add it sometimes for a little extra depth of flavor.

Spray a 9×13 pan with nonstick cooking spray and pour the mixture into the pan. I sprinkle more black pepper on top. Michael and I are big pepper fans! Bake between 350 and 375 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes. Serve it up and enjoy! Cheap and easy comfort food…basically like mom (at least mine) used to make.

Some other variations also include using leftover rotisserie chicken instead of tuna, topping with seasoned bread crumbs or mixing in veggies (like peas or green beans).


About jenni41013

I am a 38 year old wife, mom, sister, auntie, daughter, friend and advocate living in the burbs. In 2012 when I started writing, I was on a journey to take a more healthy approach toward my lifestyle. In 2013, I re-evaluated a lot of things and I say "no" to people, things and commitments more often without guilt. In 2014, I got serious about doing what I want to do and really living life. By 2016, I was so much happier living a life I️ loved. And now in 2017, I’m recommitting to a healthier me while still enjoying all life has to offer. I am excited about my life and where I'm headed with the most amazing people all around me!
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